“This program saved my life! I have discovered and ignited my healer within! THANK YOU CACHE!!!!”
— Donna, MT

“I came into the program after years of sleep deprivation and the terrible ripple effects that come with not being rested. After week one I started sleeping deeply through the night and waking up feeling like a million bucks! Today I looked in the mirror and realized I am de-aging!! This is only week 4!”
— Joan, MT

“My work with Cache is to build and learn to trust my inner compass. Cache has an uncanny ability to know what I need at a given session. We use imagery and breathing techniques to honorably remove habitual thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve me well. We explore and channel my body’s innate inner wisdom to guide me towards a more content life. She helps me deeply feel contentment, wholeness, and positive potential. We find internal guides to help me get there myself. We build new neural pathways, create new options for new habits that reduce anxiety and provide comfort and guidance in a new direction. Cache’s methods seem simple yet are profoundly effective.”
— Kathrin, MT

“At first I hesitated. It was a big investment for me. I now realize it was the best investment of my life!”
— James, MT

Cache helped me over, under and through the mountains of obstacles and suffering I faced. Her guidance comes from decades of rigorous study, direct experience and genuine loving compassion.”
— Dean, MT